Back What's Happening Say Hello to Our New Logo

Today, after over 50 years in the business, we are changing our logo and identity as a whole! We loved our old logo and there’s nothing wrong with it. But we figured it is time to evolve it to support and complement what we’ve become since then, to where do we want to be now. We want to up our game!

Let’s take a look at our new brand identity!

The colour ‘Midnight Blue’ was chosen for our new logo as it is the colour of trust and intelligence. The slight purple tint in the hue also provokes imagination. That’s exactly what we want our customers to perceive about us and the Company. It also goes very well with our tagline which reads “Let’s reimagine”.

The diagonal lines which showed a G letter, are inclined at 45-degree angle to portray upward growth, excitement and action. It was indeed inspired by the stacks of tiles and the lines found in skyscrapers.

Now, let’s see the meaning behind our tagline Let’s Reimagine

At Guocera, we believe that wall and floor coverings hold the key to transform spaces. That’s the worthy work that we do as “Imagineers”, helping people reimagine the possibilities of their lifestyle spaces.

It is our aspiration to become and remain a global player through continuous value creation and innovation for our customers and stakeholders. Be a partner they cannot do without.

So over the next few months, you will be seeing many visuals around Guocera aligning to this new direction. You will see our new logo on all platforms, be it on our website, social media platforms, on our product, etc. Just remember that it is still us. We’re still Guocera. But we bolder now and ready for change.